MISSION STATEMENT The Miami Art Dealers Association (MADA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2009. MADA was established to promote excellent professional practice and to develop awareness of the visual arts in our community. Through advocacy of education, connoisseurship,  ethical business, MADA members are responsible, credible and knowledgeable, and are held to a high standard of professional accountability.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The purpose of the Miami Art Dealers Association is to function as a professional arts advocacy and resource organization. Through peer networking, workshops, and seminars, dealers are encouraged to share best practices and collector development programs.

The selection of a new member begins by referral from two current members of MADA. After consultation with the entire Board for consideration, a dealer or gallery must meet membership requirements followed by the unanimous approval of the board and members.

CODE OF ETHICS MADA dealers are the face of the Miami Art Gallery Community. Each member should at all times adhere to the following:

Members shall have knowledge of the works offered to their clients, including, where known: Identity of the artist,
dimensions, medium, provenance, date, exhibition history, publication record, etc.
- Members are transparent when providing clients with details of defects and restorations performed on the artwork
being offered.
- Members shall always protect the privacy of their clients.
- Members do not knowingly buy, sell, or exhibit stolen or fraudulent works of art and cooperate with law enforcement
authorities in their efforts to identify, locate, and recover stolen works.
- Members act in a responsible fashion when dealing with the artworks of an artist, taking care in handling, packing, shipping and storage of those works.
- Members will maintain accurate and up to date records of artworks left on consignment by the artist or any other
consignor and will represent said consignor to the best of their abilities.
- Members show honesty and transparency in transactions with consignors, artists, clients and other dealers
​- Any knowledge that another member is engaging in unethical or illegal actions or not abiding by this Code of Ethics, must be reported to the MADA Board. These claims will be handled discreetly and responsibly by the Board, who will in turn lead an investigation before passing verdict on the future of that member in the association.